Mostle is about ^__^ Mostle is about. It is entirely likely that there will be no HR on Saturday because Mostle is about.

So I dreamed that I was doing something… hanging a poster or something… and I slit my left pointer finger right open. Some doctor type person looked at it and declared it would need stitches, and then left me to stitch it up myself. So I did, and it hurt like a bitch. I’d dropped the poster on the floor behind the cabinet/dresser/item I was putting it up over, and I bent down and looked underneath to pick it up. There was blood everywhere, including all over the poster, which had rolled up again. I was so irritated about this that I decided just to leave it there, fully aware that the poster would be ruined if I didn’t get it out of the blood and get the blood off of it — but it was just a poster of Puss and Donkey from Shrekly movies, so I didn’t care much anyway.

After that, I was apparently going to take a shower. There was a communal shower where half the females I know were all showering. The cut on my finger was healing wis almost Clairelike speed, and I knew I needed to cut the stitching and pull the stitches out before it healed completely and trapped the stitching wisin. So although I was taking a shower wis a bunch of chicks, I was more concerned wis watching my finger heal. When it started healing I was trying to find some scissors. There were all these people wandering around outside the shower, and I asked some of them to bring me some scissors. But then I noticed some inside the shower and used those instead. It hurt like hell pulling the stitches out.

Switch scenes, and next my family and I and Kyarorin were all going into this building where apparently a bunch of musical groups were performing live. The very first theater inside was Journey, so we all went in and sat down there. A surprising number of seats were empty. Journey was awesome, and we were all commenting on how old they were.

So that was that dream. I actually don’t feel very well today, like I’m getting a cold of some sort. That is made of suck. And now no mas entry.