Yesterday my baby got outside and was gone for a long time. I was so sad and worried. Dad is always so cavalier about her going outside (because Cleo was such an indestructible beast) that he seemed to feel guilty when she actually did get out. He bought me ice cream samiches “to celebrate her coming back” XD

So I discovered that it takes my read-aloud program exactly seven hours to read Princess of the Mists.

I asked Joy to schedule me as few hours as possible whilst Mostle is here, and just then we had to go and lose two people. I have the second-most hours I’ve ever worked at this job this coming week -__- Not Joy’s fault, of course. But that means we have to have my birthday celebration after I’ve worked an eight hour shift. Heh, I just typoed that as “eight hour shit.”

So the Trial by Fire remake is apparently out today. What’s odd is that I almost don’t care anymore. I mean, I’m happy, and I do still look forward to playing it, but since QfG’s been dethroned as my favorite game series the tension of waiting for the remake has eased to almost nothing. I probably won’t even download it until after Mostle’s gone.

As soon as I get through all my CC characters, I’ma stop doing Character Shuffle. And I’m only doing AAX from now on if there’s an interesting theme. MRCAeX I’ll keep because it’s actually a well-run exchange. But what I’d like to start doing is using the energy I was wasting on meaningless art exchanges to draw a story illustration once a month. Or at least one of my own characters instead of other people’s Mary-Sues. (That’s uncharitable. They’re not all that bad.)