I dreamed that I was Katara, and Zuko and I got pulled into some alternate universe that was somewhat similar to early 1900’s USA. Except wis bending still, which they had some other term for that started wis “god-” but I don’t remember. Immediately on entering, we got separated and Zuko got knocked on the head and lost much of his memory. Some mobster guys who were doing some sort of smuggling via ships got hold of Zuko and convinced him they were his friends and he was going to help them wis their smuggling or whatever. He wasn’t really entirely convinced, though, so when I sneaked in and contacted him he kinda believed what I had to say. So we were going to follow the mob boss and see what he was up to and see what Zuko thought about that. But Zuko was still being somewhat of an asshole to me, and I was weeping miserably and hugging him, saying, “Don’t do this to me, Zuko; you’re all I have left of my own world.” It was awesomely dramatic.

I found a small plastic lizard at work recently and brought it home wis me to be my friend. That was real instead of a dream.