1. First thing you wash in the shower?
I brushes my tooths first

2. What color is your favorite hoodie?

3. Do you like coffee?

5. How are you feeling RIGHT now?
My stomach and such just started to hurt as if I’d consumed allergens. But otherwise all right.

6. What’s the last letter of your crush’s name?
E. Or N. Or W. Depending on which name you mean.

7. Do you say aim or a-i-m?
I can’t even remember the last time I talked about it out loud, but I’m pretty sure I say the whole name out. “A-O-L Instant Messenger.”

8. Tell me about the last dream you remember having.
I had some interesting one last night, but it’s slipped my mind at the moment. I don’t feel like reaching farther back.

9. Could you eat your favorite food everyday for a month and not get sick of it?

10. What are you craving?
Sneeps. Which I shall have vera soon.

11. Do you floss?

12. What comes to mind when I say cabbage?

16. Have you ever counted to 1,000?
*snerk* Like, actually thought/spoken through all the numbers? Not that I can remember.

17. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?

18. Do you use smileys?

19. How many bedrooms are in your house?

20. Have you ever met a celebrity?
Besides my mom, I don’t think so. I wish I could meet Michael Jackson ♥

21. Do you like cottage cheese?
Mmmm, yeth

22. What’s the last song you had stuck in your head?
Meet Me In the Back by Melissa Etheridge

23. How many countries have you visited?

24. Are your parents strict?
That’s complicated.

25. Would you go sky diving?
It sounds like fun, but I might well chicken out at some point.

26. Would you go out to eat with George W. Bush?
Sure. Free food is always good.

28. Is there anything sparkly in the room you’re in?

30. Do you rent movies?

31. Who sits in front of you in your math class?
Saitou. There’s only one equation I ever have to solve, though. Saitou x Sano =

35. Where are you going to be Saturday night?

36. Brown or white eggs?

37. Like rap music?
On occasion

38. Ever taken a train?
No *pouts*

39. Experienced the twin towers falling in New York?
What exactly is this question supposed to mean?

41. What day of the week is it?

42. What was your lunch?
McDonald’s ^__^

43. What is your best friend doing tomorrow?

46. Have you ever seen The Butterfly Effect?
Unless you mean Monday’s Heroes episode that had a different definition of that effect than I’m used to, no.

47. So, how about them Yankees?

51. Is your hair curly?
Not at all

52. Last time you cried?
Depends on how you mean ‘cried’

53. Ever walked into a wall?
I ran into a wall once…

55. Have you ever bought anything from PacSun?

56. Favorite season?
I preferred the first season, but the second wasn’t nearly as bad as people said. Just judging by the first two episodes of the third, I think they’re already trying too hard to reclaim first-season glory, though.

61. The next person you’ll hold hands with?
Saitou. Madly against his will.

62. Do you sleep with the TV on?
What TV?

63. Have you ever drank alcohol straight from the bottle?
Were you drank when you wrote this question?

64. Do you think you’re old?
I am Kenshin’s age ^__^

65. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not as such

66. Do you like your life right now?

67. When’s the last time you chose a bath over a shower?
A long time ago that I can’t remember

68. Do you knock on wood?

69. Do you have good vision?
Oh, I seriously thought that said “good visions,” and I was about to go off about how I have visions of the world’s destruction or maybe quote Crawford… but then the question turned out to be totally boring instead.

70. Can you hula hoop?

73. Worst thing that happened today?
My playing video games for some hours instead of continuing the productivity I had going earlier

74. What brands are you wearing?

76. Have you ever crawled through a window?

77. Can you handle the truth?
Which truth?

78. What was the most recent thing you bought?
McDonald’s foods ^__^

79. How often do you talk on the phone?

80. Are you in a complicated relationship?
Yeah. I know he really wants Sano.

81. Do you hate more than 3 people?

82. Have you ever tripped someone?
Not deliberately

84. Have you ever slapped someone?
Not that I can recall

86. Do you use chap stick?
All the time

87. Are you too forgiving?
I think I’m nicely-balanced

88. Do you own something from Hot Topic?

89. Do you own a gun?

90. Have you made a prank phone call?

91. Have you ever been in a castle?

92. Do you like your hair?
Right now it’s too damn long.

93. Do you like yourself?

94. Are you closer to your mother or father?
That is sad.

95. Do you chat on AIM often?
Not really