Well, today I have finished 30_kisses for Saitou/Sano. I am vera happy to have done so, not least because now I don’t have that two-month thing consistently dancing about in the back of my head, and can stop working random kisses and shoehorning bizarre themes into every one-shot I think of XD (though I really only did that for the last few stories). I’m more pleased about it because SAITOUXSANO FOREVER.

I am off work today, and it’s a sort of extra day off… I’m also off on Wednesday and Thursday. So I don’t really feel compelled to be terribly productive today (especially given that I did a whole picture earlier). Which is good because I’m feeling somewhat drowsy, my wrist is hurting obnoxiously, and I’m craving fried chicken. Um, not that the fried chicken thing really has anything to do wis productivity. I will probably play TBF for some hours and then maybe go get some fried chicken. Depending on when Lester comes home.

Well, I suppose I’ll open up a file to work on too, just in case.