Today I read the last FMA available to me and reeaalllyy want to know what happens next; finished my MRCAeX by dint of largely not caring; went to item and sat around writing for two hours but have not typed it up yet (new character in CC!! OMG!); almost finished AAX, which I will finish and post tomorrow after work; and ate some chocolates out of my adorable window-box, which Mostle will see when she appears. There will most likely be no HR on Saturday 1) because of these two art exchanges put off as usual until the last minute 2) because it’s becoming more and more difficult to care about my arbitrary weekly HR deadline when I feel like nobody else does 3) because GUESS WHAT MY NEPHEW APPEARS ON SATURDAY TO VISIT. I have not seen him since December when he was a month old, and now he is walking. I shall sunngle him greatly.

Once I’ve finished this AAX, I shall be finished wis that community forever and have only one art exchange per month left, which should make it easier to get HR done the last week of every month in a more timely fashion, and also perchance to do some projects of my own (such as those Linc fanarts that have been sitting around half-finished for a hundred thousand years) instead of spending half my month drawing three other people’s Mary-Sues.

Um, so, Roy. By far the most interesting and attractive character, about a million times moreso than those angsty brothers I kinda don’t care about. But the story in general has become engrossing enough that it doesn’t bother me as much that Roy is not the main character. I must have more.

Well, now it’s bed time. Good night upon me.