OK, this was weird, but it was my MP3 player’s fault. Recently I got an adorable new MP3 player. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have a shuffle setting (I can’t really tell, because the manual is entirely in Japanese), and just plays one album after another in some arbitrary order I haven’t quite figured out yet. So today it got to the Gundam Wing soundtracks, which total more time than I spend wis music on at work. So I’m listening to this at work making samiches like always, and, like always, having ideas… only all of a sudden, instead of the usual, I’m having this urge to write GW fic XD It was unprecedented, and soon was overtaken by the usual, but it might actually happen eventually.

Incidentally, I feel like I might have to start tracking down people who abandon Saitou/Sano and forcing them to commit seppuku.