In my first dream, some other female person and I were members of this army sort of thing that was led by Saitou, and we were both in love with Saitou (obviously). I think he was annoyed at us for being in love wis him, because he was avoiding us and had assigned us to fight in the quicksand area. We were both like, “Ah, if I could just see him once more before I die!” which was, incidentally, what Marius was thinking about Cosette as I fell asleep listening to that recorded book right before this dream. Anyway, after a bunch of really random preparations, the battle started. I was fighting this demoness that just refused to die no matter how many times I stabbed her or cut entirely through her ribcage. Finally my partner (who’d turned into a big guy) started drawing the demon-warding designs on the ground. In order to keep the demoness in place long enough to be affected by these, I kept cutting her head off over and over again, and it kept re-adhering to her neck. But eventually the warding circle thing was complete and she got all vaporized or something.

The next dream started out wis me reading the Sunday comics. In Sally Forth, the Forth family was camping out at a beautiful lake, where Sally was admiring the scenery and Hillary was complaining about not having any signal to her cell or something equally joxtaposy to Sally’s commentary. In reading this, I was commenting to my sister that you could really tell the caliber of a comic strip artist by their ability to draw backgrounds (or something like that). Then the dream shifted, and I was in Hillary’s place on the lake. Trogdor was swimming in the lake, where I cam out to join him wis my floaty that was shaped like a house that looked like Boo (Nintendo Boo).

Trogdor had a huge crush on me, and as such allowed me to hold his tiny coins that had pictures of the leaders of the various countries of which he was overlord on them. He was a very Bowzer-like Trogdor. So I was floating around in my floaty, still disconnected enough from the scene to remark to myself that the artist had wisely chosen not to try to show the underwater portions of the lake but rather to have the water turn gradually opaqueish dark blue-black — but connected enough to be mildly terrified of that same deep water.

Shift again, and I was myself camping by the lake wis my actual parents (and my mom’s name is Sally, incidentally) and Mostle. Trogdor was still around, though, and I still had his coins, and he still had a crush on me even though I was no longer Hillary. He’d shrunken to a more humanish size, though. Anyway, I was examining the coins, which were really tiny and cute and on little chains, and Mostle was playing wis a chain saw. But when she turned it off, we could hear another chain saw in the trees. Curious, we went to see whose it was, and found our parents busy wis it and a ladder stripping all the branches off a tall tree in order to cut it down and have a nice long tree trunk.

When my dad got the tree cut through, it made the ladder and my mom fall right over — not in a bad way, but in a slapstick, lying-under-the-ladder-drumming-her-fingers-exasperatedly-on-the-ground, my-dad-is-oblivious sort of way. Which was good, because otherwise this would have been a nightmare like the next one and I freaking hate those. Anyway, at this point a couple of people that lived in the area showed up to complain that we were cutting down trees. This bitchy woman was like, “When you were just planting flowers, it was OK — it was like this was your back yard. But this is going too far.” And of course she was bitching at me, which annoyed me, so I told her to get lost. She slapped me, so I told her to get lost again and that if she slapped me again I’d call the police. She claimed she’d never slapped me. So I sic’d Trogdor on her XD XD XD

This is an interestingly common theme in my dreams: somebody connected to me is doing something that is not precisely right, somebody else comes and bitches about it, and I end up feeling conflicted as I defend the not-necessarily-right action 1) because the perpetrator is connected to me and 2) because the person complaining about it is doing so in a bitchy way.

The third dream was a strange mess of being at someone else’s house. There were not many coherent events, except for Lester dying, which made me so distraught that I actually reversed time to make it un-happen. Also I think the father of the family at whose house we were was abusing the mother, and I didn’t call 911 because it would somehow be betraying someone. I don’t know. When I sleep badly, I have dreams like this XD