Yesterday Joy called me just as I was falling asleep (in her defense, I did go to bed early) and asked me to come in today for a couple of hours just to make salads. If I’d been more awake, I would have known not to answer the phone at all XD But as it was, I did go in. Apparently there was some nonsense yesterday of some people calling off and/or going home early, so salads didn’t get made, and maybe Linda is coming today? Or something; I was half-asleep when she was telling me about this, and Joy is remarkably inarticulate at the best of times. Anyway, I went in today at 415 and there was nobody there. I left at 6 and there was still nobody there XD I’m expecting a call from Eddie any minute (actually, I’m shocked that it’s 815 and he still hasn’t called) asking me a bunch of questions.

Just now I watched the Tinker Bell movie, and it was kinda cute. What was more amusing was the look I got this morning from the girl in McDonald’s. I rented the movie from the Red Box outside the restaurant (because the Red Box in Safeway was out of stock on that particular title), and then went inside to get some foods. I was wearing all black under my black trench-coat, and had my shaved head uncovered… the girl at the counter looked at the DVD I was holding and then at me and made this face

So I finished my Gundam Wing fic, somewhat miraculously. Now that that random distraction is out of the way, I can get back to vampire Sano and whatnot. Of course, having a GW fic on my site will finally render somewhat relevant that 1×2 banner I’ve had sitting there for, like, seven years…

My arm and hand and back have just been hurting so much lately… I’m afraid even to try to color HR pages. I think a decent night’s sleep would help a lot; it’d sure be nice if I could have one of those. Though my dreams are less interesting when I sleep better; the Trogdor/Hillary Forth pairing would not exist if not for yesterday XD Anyway, I’ma make the attempt at HR pages and see how far I get; I can almost guarantee none will be done by Saturday.

OK, I think that’s it for now.

EDIT: 845 and Eddie finally called XD I was like, Hell no am I coming back in there.