Man, I’ve been doing pretty well writing in my lj lately, haven’t I? Doubtless this will crash and burn after not too long.

Contrary to my expectations, I actually got two HR pages finished yesterday. I am so pleased wis myself on this one. Also I am really freaking pleased that that last chapter is over, and even more that the next two take place inside Hiko’s house so most of the backgrounds consist entirely of his beige walls. *relieved sigh* Also, there are no more than four people present, instead of, like, sixteen. *relieved sigh*

So I put my mysterious GW fic in its place wis my other mysterious non-RK fics. OK, some of them aren’t mysterious because they were written (or at least started) back when QfG was my primary fandom. But still. Not a whole lot going on on that page. Anyway, this allowed me to alter the description of the 1×2 banner, and I’m looking forward to what kind of search engine searches lead to my MFics page once google et al catch up.

So yesterday I went to bed in a relatively timely fashion, and then (as has been the case more often than not lately) lay around half-asleep for about four hours. Then I woke up abruptly wis this desperate nausea seemingly out of nowhere. There was this smell… I don’t know if it was real or I was imagining it because of the nausea, but it smelled like burned rubber and also like maybe my dad had been cooking dinner and had burned something XD Eventually I did manage to get to sleep for real, but the nausea has been haunting me on and off all day today along wis a horrible headache. And I keep thinking I smell that same smell (which is partly why I think I may have been imagining it in the first place). I got through my entire shift at work, though, and even made 15 case salads, which is my new record.

If Joy was able to give me Sunday off, I will go to the Air Force game wis my family tomorrow. If she wasn’t, I will not.

OK, shower and then bedtime on me. Hopefully I will be severely well tomorrow and will be a little more productive than today, which has mostly been spent (since getting home from work) link-hopping at, which is even more addictive than regular Wikipedia. Of course, I can’t be more productive if I’m at a football game. But that will be fine, since I’ll be at a football game. We’ll see.