I did get tomorrow off, so I did get to go to the football game ^__^ We won and it was a great game. Football is totally awesomely fun in person, but when it’s on TV I always find I have something better to do.

For anyone who’s never been to an AFA home game (or lived in the area), you have no idea how amazing they are. They fly M15’s over the stadium and also parachute people in at the beginning. The flyovers were the bane of my existence back when I worked in a drive-thru a lot, but they’re still incredibly cool. Win or lose, the Air Force definitely knows how to put on a show.

One thing I just had to mention was that at one point the announcer was naming, like, the people that were parachuting into the stadium, and somebody was a “Wing Commander” something. But the way the guy pronounced it, it sounded like he said, “Wanker man” something.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I have this burning desire to write Saitou/Sano football game fic. We’ll see about that one. Now bed.