Write all your entries
In haiku — five-seven-five —
For today only

Despite early bed,
I got up at three-fifteen;
That’s twelve hours of sleep.

Is a five-syllable word.
How lucky for me.

Delicious cookies:
Pirouette French Vanilla
Crème Filled Rolled Wafers.

Fav’rite Songs playlist
Has too many songs in it:
Edit while writing.

Work notebook contains
Mixed-up bits and pieces of
Three new SaiSa fics.

AskDNA still
My all-time favorite
Cowboy Bebop song.

For years I’ve wanted
To shave off both my eyebrows.
What is stopping me?

Today I should get
My Fullmetal Alchemist
Via UPS.

Tokio is sweet,
Soft, round, adorable, and
Vera skishy love.

I dreamed a dragon
And tried to make “Ice Attack”
Quick-spell #2.

I kinda feel like
Going to McDonald’s for
Breakfast burritos.

Maybe today I’ll
Clean this astonishing mess
That is my table.

I look cute today,
So I took a picture of
Myself looking cute.