So in the first dream, some guy that might have been Hughes and I were wandering around a mall that was something of a theme park looking for the baby doctor for his baby. Somebody told us where to find the doctor, but when we went into the place he’d indicated, all we found were a bunch of cubicles belonging to cartoon characters such as Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.

Somehow I ended up holding the baby (which was at this point a tub of chicken noodle soup), and it was getting really cold. So I went to lie in the sun holding it hoping it would warm up. Apparently I was really worried that maybe-Hughes was going to be upset wis me for letting the baby get cold, so I went and lay down in the sun that was coming through the window of a train car. I was naked at this point. So people start getting onto the train, and then I heard maybe-Hughes coming looking for his baby. I was like, “Crap, he’s coming; everyone stand up and make noise so he won’t realize I’m here.” So all the people in my train car obligingly did me that favor, and maybe-Hughes went on by.

Next King Kong came by. He was in love wis me, so I was like, “Crap, it’s King Kong; everyone stand up again.” So they all stood up and hid me again. Then the train started going, and for some reason it went out into the wilderness instead of on the usual track. Apparently the driver was trying to do me a favor by taking me out to a far-off place where I could disembark and be safe from these guys he thought were stalking me. But I was like O_o “Hello, I’m naked and carrying a… baby; not interested in walking around in the wilderness like this.” And that was the end of that dream.

In my other dream, I was hanging around at the end of one level not wanting to go to the next level, because the last time I’d tried the next level I’d died, like, three times. Mom was hanging around the end of the level wis me, and also Tokio (who was indestructible). There were four entrances to the next level, but three were fake, and Tokio was being annoyed that she couldn’t get through these fake entrances. When I pointed out the real entrance, she went happily in to explore. Mom and I were talking, and then the baby from the next level appeared in the real entrance. This was a real baby and not a tub of chicken soup. It made me happy because I’d rarely gotten as far as the baby when I actually tried the level. So I picked him up and played wis him ^__^

Those were my dreams last night.