For the last few days I’ve been soOoOo tired — unproductively tired; I haven’t even felt like drawing. Now I have an hour before bed, and part of me says, “Start your MRCAeX!” and part of me says, “Go to bed early!” I’m pretty sure I know which one’s not going to happen, at least. I’ll probably do MRCAeX in pencil whilst hanging out wis Mostle this coming week. MOSTLE. MOSTLE APPEARS TOMORROW. WOT.

The good news is that I know where I’m going wis my Angles chapter and have been productively contemplating it at work whilst I make my samiches in the mornings. Then, provided I’m not distracted by some random thing or some other random thing, I write down my thoughts during my lunch break. Today I was distracted by some other Saitou/Sano thing and wrote that down instead, but that’s not something of which I can really complain.

You know I make 76 samiches every weekday at work? On average, that’s one samich every 2.7 minutes. Oh, and speaking of work and averages and stuff, I realized the other day that I spend ONE QUARTER OF MY LIFE (given my current age) working at McDonald’s. No freaking wonder I’m fat!! XD XD XD

My biggest rant lately has been concerning Bugs Bunny. Am I the only one that thinks the Looney Tunes characters voiced by Mel Blanc should have been retired when Mel Blanc died? Now we’ve got this sellout pseudo-Bugs advocating healthy eating for kids in the ads that play at Safeway, and I want to destroy something every time one comes on. So freaking annoying.