Yesterday was so psychotically windy in the early morn that I couldn’t walk a straight line to work. It was somewhat fun and somewhat irritating. Trench coat + heavy wind will always = Freaking Awesome, but at 2 in the morning it’s a little too chilly to have my coat open so it can blow dramatically behind me. Ah, well.

So, to pass the news along, I feel I must mention Amazon’s ginormous DVD sale. Among about a billion other things, I found The 10th Kingdom, the complete Invader Zim, and a set of all three Spider-Man movies — all for around $13 dollars; and Avatar boxed sets marked down, like, 40%. It’s worth checking out.

Adopt one today!

OMFG, has anyone else had Oreo Pocky? It’s not actually called that; it’s “Chocolate Crush.” But it’s chocolate wis freaking Oreos crushed onto it; it’s the most amazing thing ever invented. Amanda gave me some when she lent me the latest two FMA manga volumes, and it’s so so delicious. And speaking of FMA, mayhap I shall watch some of that today. Maybe. I may play OoTMC instead.

AND SPEAKING OF OOTMC. Has anyone else played it? What’s wis the freaking cows inside Jabu-Jabu? That made me laugh so hard. Hmm, thinking about that is making me want to play it RIGHT NOW. But I shouldn’t… I don’t know when will be my next day off, on account of a stupid sub samich sale this weekend making me do extra hours, so I should spend my time more productively. Like on HR, except that my arm and back have been hurting a lot the last couple of days (for no reason I can figure out) and should probably be rested. But in that case I should at least work on Angles and torment my boys wis awkwardness…

Do you ever look at a band and wonder, “How many guys does it take to do this?” Bands wis, like, six guys in them make me go O_o Not that I really doubt they all play an important role, but still you listen to their songs and it doesn’t sound like there are twice as many dudes in there as there are in a three-man band.

Well, I suppose I will open HR and see about it, at least for a while. I can be disciplined; I really can.