Why is snow so beautiful. I love Colorado Springs and I love my life.

Now let’s talk about some things I hate.

OK, so. I am not really a Christian at this point, but Christmas is still my favorite holiday. But I hate hate HATE a couple of things about this time of year wis a terrible passion. And the one I freaking hate the freaking most is when advertisers take Christmas songs and replace the lyrics with shitty stuff about their shitty products. It’s like reverse advertising — it makes me want never to dole out another cent to them again as long as I live. The worst one, I think, is Carol of the Bells. What a wonderful song that is, and how murderous it makes me when I hear some god-awful choir attempting to sing it about holiday stress and how to relieve it by shopping at Shitty-Mart.

I’m proud of Safeway, though; they didn’t start playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Of course most of my shift is before the store’s open, so I have my own music or a recorded book in my ears anyway, but I appreciate the thought. Terrible crappy remakes of (often originally-crappy) Christmas songs playing in stores is another thing I hate about the end of the year.

Speaking of Christmas, as of today I am in a month-long twenty-day death crunch attempting to get a Christmas present finished for everiun. I don’t know if I’ll be able to; we’ll see how it shapes up over the next week or so. If it doesn’t seem like it wants to be finished in time, I’ll just draw a picture instead. Yes, this probably means the update run won’t resume until January — and mid-January at that, since I’m definitely not going to be working on stories at Disneyland — but nobody cares anyway, so whatever!

Did I mention Disneyland? Yeah, that’s what we’re doing for Christmas this year. Except after Christmas. Equals no stress of trying to decide on meaningful but not bank-breaking presents for everyone; freaking awesome. Well, Disneyland is freaking awesome no matter what.

OK, well. As long as I’m going on about Christmas music, I might as well share some. Every year, by sacred tradition, I have to listen to this one particular Christmas CD I have at least once, because it’s probably the worst CD ever made. I enjoy it like I enjoy Plan 9 From Outer Space. Here is one of my favorite tracks. And on the flip side, here’s an actually good song that I really freaking love because it’s awesome.

Now to be productive.