Today is (thankfully) the last day of our sub sale, so it was the last of my three days in a row making a million samiches. I never thought I could get burned out on samiches, given that I make 70-some every single day I work, but I managed it O_o Tomorrow I have a regular shift, and then three days off ^___^

During those three days off I believe I will be able to determine the fate of Christmas this year. I mean, decide whether I think I’m likely to be able to get this story done in time for same. If I decide I can’t, I will start thinking about what sort of picture(s) to draw instead, and save the story for next Christmas. Of course, five years ago I started a Halloween story, and that’s still… well, anyway.

Adopt one today!

I had about a dozen things to say, and now I’ve forgotten them all. As usual.