Predictably, I am playing game and not being productive. Mayhap when I finish this stupid Shadow Temple that makes me feel like I’ve got freaking spiders all over me and has a mini-boss that I swear is straight out of Silent Hill, I will quit and come back in here to get some real work done. I’m only in here right now because I needed to look up where to find a freaking key that I freaking can’t find and don’t have the patience to look for because (as I mentioned) I hate this level.

Oh, and


Who kisse?d you on new years???
I have never participated in that particular tradition, unless writing a story about it counts.

Did you make any new year’?s resol?ution?s??
No; those are retarded. If I can’t accomplish things I want to do when I want to do them, how the hell is January supposed to make a difference? I feel the same way about National Novel Writing Month.

Does it snow where? you live??
Yeeeeeeeeeth. As a matter of fact, snow canceled my brother’s school today.

Which? is bette?r:? hot choco?late or coffe?e??
Hot chocolate. I’m allergic to coffee anyway. Hot chocolate wisout food always makes me sick, though.

Do you watch? the Super?bowl??
Nah, I usually have something more interesting to do. I do like football, but on TV it generally fails to hold my attention.


Did you have a Valen?tine this year??
No. Hmm, I should write a story about that…

When you were littl?e did you give Valen?tines? cards? to your whole? class???
Yeth. Ah, those were the days XD

Do you like the color? pink or red bette?r??
Probably red, but colors are always nice.

Do you even care if the groun?dhog sees its shado?w or not?
Uh… Does anybody really acknowledge the existence of that “holiday” after about fourth grade?

Did you know that Febru?ary is natio?nal grape?fruit? month???
No. Nor did I care.


Are you Irish???
No, I am of Norman descent.

Do you alway?s wear green? on St.Patri?ck’?s Day?
No. There’s another retarded tradition.

Have you ever been drunk???
No, nor do I ever intend to be.

Are you happy? when winte?r is prett?y much over?
I’m pretty much happy all the time. Am I happy because winter is pretty much over? Probably that too. I love all the seasons, and I also love the transitions ^__^


Do you like rain??
Yeth, especially in April ^__^

Do you like playi?ng prank?s on April? Fools? Day?
No, though I suppose if I ever thought of a really good one that wasn’t mean, I would enjoy playing it. Hmm, April Fools’ Day would make a good setting for Sano too…

Do you know what 4/20 is?
This is a stupid question.

Is your birth?day in April???
You ran out of shit to ask about April, didn’t you?

Do you still? get candy? on Easte?r??
“Get” in what sense? I buy candy all the freaking time. I receive candy considerably more rarely.


What is your favor?ite flowe?r??

What did you get your mom for Mothe?r’?s Day?
Probably nothing

Are you glad when summe?r is almos?t here??
See my answer for the similar snow question

Finis?h the sente?nce:? April? showe?rs bring?.?.?.?.
Firefox’s spell check is being really weird all of a sudden


What year did/?will you gradu?ate from high schoo?l??
1999 (though I was originally the class of 98 XD)

What’?s your favor?ite baseb?all team??
I don’t have one.

Have you ever given? your dad a tie on Fathe?r’?s Day?
Probably; I’ve given my dad a lot of ties. Sometimes then I steal them back and he doesn’t notice.

Do you like going? on picni?cs??
Yes, though I usually have something more interesting to do.


Do you go to the lake on the 4th of July??
What lake? This is a weird survey.

Have you ever been kisse?d under? the firew?orks??
No. Why would you go see fireworks and then spend your time making out? Make out at home.

Are you going? on any vacat?ions durin?g this month???
Possibly. I don’t know things like that this far in advance.

Do you blast? the AC all day?

What’?s your favor?ite flavo?r ice cream???
Cookies and cream. Well, what I really like best is Baskin Robbin’s Daiquiri Ice, but those shit-faced bastards discontinued it.


Do you usual?ly tan or burn?
Definitely burn. Mmmmmmsunburns. Ooh, I should write a story about sunburns.

Do you enjoy? going? to the beach???
I know I’ve been to a beach a couple of times, but I honestly can’t remember them.

One-?piece?,? tanki?nis,? or bikin?is??
Tankinis? What the crap is that? I wear trunks and a tank top.

Are you baref?oot alot??
A lot or allot?

Does your famil?y ever have backy?ard BBQs??


Do you get excit?ed or nervo?us befor?e start?ing a new schoo?l year??
I haven’t started a new school year for quite some time. When I was in school, I was mostly just annoyed.

Who was your favor?ite teach?er ever??
Mrs. Palmer

Do you love going? shopp?ing for schoo?l suppl?ies??
If by “school supplies” you mean “office supplies,” yeth. If you mean “painfully expensive textbooks I won’t ever use again after this semester and probably won’t be able to sell back,” no.

Do you love the fall bette?r than summe?r?
No; all seasons are lovely.


What was your last hallo?ween costu?me??
I… can’t even really remember. A pirate, probably.

What is your favor?ite candy???
Dunno. Reese’s Fast Break, maybe. I like Almond Joys too, but I’m allergic to almonds. I wish those jerks would make a milk-chocolate Mounds.

Have you ever sworn? that you’?ve seen a ghost???

Have you ever playe?d a prank? on Misch?ief Night???


Whose? house? do you go to on Thank?sgivi?ng??
My parents’

Who or what are you most thank?ful for in your life??
My family, arts, Saitou, Saitou/Sano

Turke?y,? chick?en,? or ham?
For Thanksgiving or in general? Probably chicken.

Do you go shopp?ing on Black? Frida?y??
Not if I don’t need to


What’?s on your Chris?tmas wishl?ist this year??
New Saitou/Sano fic and art. Now ask me how likely I am to get it.

Do you prefe?r real Chris?tmas trees? over those? fake ones??
We’ve never had a real tree. I bet I would still like the fake one better.

Have you ever been kisse?d under? the mistl?etoe??

What age did you stop belie?ving in Santa???
I don’t know that I ever seriously believed in him.

Has your famil?y ever throw?n a New Years? Eve party??
We do a puzzle every year; it’s not exactly a party.