I went upstairs to look at the snow, and while I was up there I happened to glance in the fridge, as is my habit when I’m upstairs. A line I once wrote — Sano didn’t feel like explaining that, in repressing the knowledge that the cupboard was empty and going to look as if it might not be, there was a pleasure, if not equal to eating, better at least than lying around realistically contemplating the lack of food in his possession — applies sadly to my relationship wis our fridge most of the time. BUT TODAY I FOUND PIZZA. OMFG. This makes me so excessively happy.

Ooh, it’s Tuesday! Gotta watch last night’s Heroes. ^___^ Good episode. Eat Claire, eat Claire, love love love Claire.

I need to be productive today. I need to work on my Christmas story and HR. I need not to go play OoTMC. Seriously. If I play much of that during these days off, the question about whether or not I can get the story finished by Christmas will be answered for me. But I have one more carpenter to rescue from the Gerudo… Mrr… Aargh… Well, I will look at stories for a while, and if anything wants to be worked on I will work on it… and if not I will embrace my destiny and go ignore Navi for a while.