I have been massively in drawing mode lately. Yesterday I worked on one picture, started another, and then started (and finished) a third. That’s pretty good, I suppose; it is productivity, even if it isn’t getting me any closer to having a Christmas story finished in time for Christmas.

Today isn’t going to help either. I had terrible insomnia last night, and today I’m just too completely devoid of energy to do anything intelligent. So I’m going to go play video games in a moment. Tomorrow I shall dew everything.

Eddie was supposed to be in to work today at 8, but when I left at 1030 he still wasn’t there and we still hadn’t heard from him. We hope he didn’t get into an accident; it’s been snowing since, like, 3 this morning and the roads are pretty bad. Of course, he might just be terribly hungover; I guess his ex-wife and kids are moving to Nevada or something on Thursday and he’s pretty torn up about it. I suppose I will find out sometime. I am off for the next four days *____* but I bet Joy will text me when she knows what’s going on.

I have nothing else to say, so I will take this survey and then go Zeld.
Are you singl?e??
Yeth, except for Chou.

If you becam?e famou?s for somet?hing,? what would? it be?

Do you eat your mac & chees?e with a fork or a spoon???
Whichever I have easiest access to.

Would? you rathe?r spend? a whole? day with your mom or your dad?
That’s a toss-up.

Where? were you 2 days ago?
Lessee. Today is… Sunday. Which would make two days ago… Friday. I was at work and then at home.

Is it easy for other?s to make you feel awkwa?rd??
Hmm. That depends on how you define the term, really. Probably not.

Do you know what you are going? to wear tomor?row??
I bet I won’t go anywhere, because of the snow… so I will probably wear these pink sweats all day.

Does anyon?e hate you for no reaso?n??
I don’t know. I hope not XD

Can you make yours?elf cry?
I’m sure I can. I cry extremely easily.

How many hours? of sleep? did you get last night???
Not very many -__-

Would? you go back in time if you were given? the chanc?e??
That depends on the attendant circumstances.

Do you know anyon?e who lives? in Wyomi?ng??
Not that I can think of.

Have you ever kisse?d someo?ne whose? name start?s with an S?
Besides Saitou? Let me think. Yeth, I have.

What are you doing? tomor?row??
Hopefully being extremely productive all day.

Have you ever liked? someo?ne who treat?ed you like crap??

Is your curre?nt hair color? mostl?y your natur?al hair color???
Yeth. Today I had another person ask me if I’m on chemo.

What color? are your socks???
Right now I’m wearing shiny pink socks.

Every?thing? happe?ns for a reaso?n??
Uh, subject verb preposition indefinite article indirect object? Though I guess that would be “object of a preposition,” wouldn’t it…

Have you ever dated? someo?ne more than once??

What are you liste?ning to right? now?
Nothing, since I plan to vacate this room shortly.

How has the week been??
I believe this is the first day of the week. So far, pretty good.

Last perso?n you text messa?ged??

What are you doing? right? now?
What the hell do you think I’m doing? Filling out a survey in livejournal; what kind of question is this? O_o

Like anyon?e at the momen?t??
Dude. Who the hell wrote this survey.

Have a best frien?d??
Sentence… structure… deteriorating… Can’t… hold….. on…….. much……… longer………………..

Who was the last perso?n you spoke? to on the phone? for over an hour??
Over an hour? I haven’t the faintest idea.

What made you sad today???
Nothing I can really think of.

Has a boy/?girl ever calle?d you babe/?baby??

Do you mind being? cold??
I’d rather be too hot than too cold, but how much I mind depends on the degree.

Have you held hands? with anybo?dy in the past week??
Excluding Tokio, no.