So far today the cold has been the greatest barrier to productivity. I swear it was below freezing in my bedroom when I got up. Being in bed was OK, but sitting at the computer was not. So (predictably) I went into the rec. room and Zelded for, like, six hours. Now I’m finished wis that for the day (hopefully) and it’s a touch warmer in here (thanks to the sun), so mayhap I can get some work done. Next time I’m at Wal-Mart I am so getting a space heater.

Speaking of Zeld, yesterday I put all the lady’s chiccens in the well. Then we had a party in the well, the chiccens and I. It was the greatest thing I have ever done. I would say that once I reach the end of the game (which is near) I will be able to not play video games all day on my days off… but Zeld begets Zeld, and I may have to replay Twilight Princess once I’m done wis this one. Mrr.

OK, I’ve put all my music on random… arranged my livejournals to great satisfaction… posted my fanart of the other day… written faerytalk on Hopeless Cause… Let’s see what stories want to be worked on; I’ll start wis the one-line game and maybe some items will want more than one. Pride of her Parents doesn’t even want a single line, mostly because I need to check some stuff in the game at this point. In Your Place, For Your Sake — two lines. Unnamed Naizukana/Aijou story — one line. Relentless Courtship — and here we stop XD It’s uncommon for a story this early in the lineup to want to be worked on, but I’m not complaining. I’ve written some pages, and it’s obvious I shall continue until bedtime. Therefore I shall post this entry.