I had a typical spider dream, and then I had a dream that some nice girl was flirting wis me and asked for my phone number. Now I am listening to Christmas music and working on HR. Once again, I shall record my progress.

I want to go to Safeway and get some delicious mushroom and brie soup, but my dad’s car is having issues. By the time it’s ready to go he’ll probably want to leave immediately for work. So probably no delicious mushroom and brie soup for me. I’m definitely not going to walk, though the temperature’s up to 18°

Now I’ve finished redoing page 4-4. It was far less painful than I had expected. And in the middle of fixing the dialogue on 5-4, the program crashes -__- I didn’t lose anything, though, and now that is done. Man, I am so hungy. Also I kinda don’t feel like working on story or art. I shall play Stwong Bayad. OK, now that I have wasted some hours playing that game, what shall I dew? My wrist hurts and I’m still hungy. First I will look for clam chowder. I found some clam chowder. Today I believe I will actually take it out of the can and put it in a bowl and heat it up instead of just eating it cold. Beeecause it is so cold in here already. That was pretty good clam chowder, though I think I like it cold better.

I don’t know how they managed it, but somebody has broken my friends list wis a bad lj-cut. Seriously, it’s so amusing; from halfway through her entry onward, the rest of my flist is all aligned differently from the rest of it. I am highly entertained by this. And speaking of being entertained, I believe it is time for me to go draw HR linearts and watch (read: listen to) a Christmas movie.

Two Christmas movies and two pages’ of lineart later, it is bedtime. This has been a pretty good day. Now I shall have a pretty good sneep. I think I will take some cold medicine, since I feel some of that sort of thing in my throat.