I bought a space heater at Wal-Mart. His name is Skywalker, and he has performed exceptionally well today. My room is quite warm and has been since not long after I got up. I can’t have him on when I am sneeping because he’s incredibly loud. But I think he will solve quite admirably the problem of my room being uninhabitable during the early hours of the day and therefore productivity impossible during the early hours of my days off.

My room is also quite clean now, because I cleaned it ^___^ It is vera nice. Cat will show her face again eventually, but she is, of course, absent at the moment because she and Enishi do not get along at all. Besides cleaning, I also finished this week’s HR pages. Also Mostle appears this evening. What a nice day.

I have realized wis a shock, though, that Christmas is in a FREAKING WEEK ALREADY. I have rather severe fears regarding my Christmas offerings. I blame the extreme cold that has had me playing video games in the warmer room all week. Well, we’ll see, as always. Sometimes things jump out of nowhere and demand to be finished. But Mostle will be here, so…

As always, I thought I had more to relate, and have now forgotten it all.