Today was a day of inspection of our deli by upper management. Like, corporate-level type peoples… I never pay attention to their actual job titles. Anyway, our merchandiser told Joy she wasn’t allowed to come in early, for some reason, which meant that Joy was not going to be there until about the same time the dude was arriving. I really freaking hate the way managers at the store level get treated by the upper management. It’s the reason I won’t go into management again. So instead of this being “deli inspection,” it was more like, “inspection of how well this faery can get the deli ready before anyone else comes in.” Fortunately, that = “very well.” I kick ass, so the thingy went just fine.

Mostle is here!!!!! Soon I shall go harass her whilst she makes lemon bread, and draw HR at the same time. But first I am messing around wis Christmas musics. And I will take this survey.

1. What is the first video game you played?
Some Smurf game on the original Atari

2. On what did you play your first video game?

3. Which is the first video game you played that had blood?
Tomb Raider III, I believe

4. Which is the first console you owned?

5. What consoles do you own as of now?

6. Which consoles do you wish to own?

7. What is/are your favorite game(s)?
Most of my favorites are computer games. The Chzo Mythos, Quest for Glory… but I also really freaking love LoZ

8. How many games do you own?
Dunno. I have quite a few computer games, more than I can remember, but GC games probably fewer than 10

9. What game(s) do you wish to own?
Until there’s a new LoZ game out, I don’t really care.

10. If your most favorite game of all time was signed by your ultimate hero and if someone threw the game in the trash intentionally, what would you do to them?
Uh… what about the fonger

11. What console from the past do you wish to own?

13. If you could make a game what genre would it be?
What is this “if you could?” I’m in the middle of making one.

14. What would your job be in the making of the game?
Teh brilliance

15. What game do you hate?
Nothing really comes to mind… though I must say, nothing in this world strikes me as quite so boring and pointless as sports games.

16. Would you buy a game made by a Christian gaming company?
If it was a good game, sure.

17. What would you rather play, a survival-action-horror game or a survival-puzzle-horror game?
Definitely puzzles over action.

18. If you were sucked into a video game and had a choice of 2 weapons what would they be?
What kind of setting are we talking here? Or can I have any weapons I want no matter what the setting? This question is a little to broad for me to give any sort of logical answer.

19. What video game character do you find hot?
Trilby. MmmmmTrilby.