Consistently writing in my journal is a matter of habit and, to a certain extent, having nothing better to do. When my sister and some holidays are around, it dies. So let’s see how many of the eight million things I should have recorded over the last week and a half I can remember now.

First, thanks to those that participated in my Christmas tradition by giving me teh kisses. Also, thanks to lovingyouin1963 for the Christmas card. Now, what else?

Christmas was grand, as it always is. And then the other day we went to the zoo and saw the zoo lights and there were lights shaped like animals ^___^

Cat is chasing a battery around the closet.

Mostle and I watched Heroes season 3. She’s finally all caught up, so she can watch new episodes as they come out instead of six months later.

I got my dj’s yesterday. All of them are Saitou/Aoshi, which (obviously) isn’t my favorite pairing but will do because it contains Saitou. So, I shall report on one of them right now:

The first one, ??, has a very pretty Aoshi on the front cover and an OK Saitou on the back. Open it up, and we find an even prettier Aoshi from his ponytail days as a young proto-Okashira. Various members of the Oniwabanshuu are about, having some discussion and apparently being somewhat patronizing to Aoshi. At first they’re outside and then they’re inside. Blah blah blah, talky talky talky, and finally Aoshi and some other guy go out to a courtyard where they… keep talking. Don’t think I have anything against dialogue-heavy stories… but when my command of the language isn’t good enough to understand most of it, I’m like -__- Eventually they start fighting, and Aoshi makes short work of the other guy. There are a few last words, and then a couple of panels that indicate that the other guy’s wife has committed suicide.

Next we see Aoshi walking along wis a vera small and adorable Misao. She is hyper and they talk, and there’s a comb that seems to be important. I guess she gives it to him — because, seriously, if there’s anything Aoshi needs, it’s a flowery comb, right? Actually, I think she’s giving it to him because there’s some sort of bloody trauma related to it. Then they keep talking for a while — a sort of pep-talk for Misao — and eventually Aoshi gives the comb back. Yay!

Then we have a between-stories art of a vera tiny Aoshi sitting on a mat on a table in front of Saitou. This particular circle has a thing for vera tiny Aoshi.

For the next short story, we see Aoshi again, now in post-Shishio staring-at-the-wall mode, in his yukata. His cell phone rings (yes, this is the same circle as that other one wis the cell phones) and he answers it, and seems a little annoyed at what he hears. Saitou, of course, was on the other end, and apparently having this phone conversation right out loud at the police station. Something about it evidently bothers the police chief as well.

And then appears a real story, and this one reminds me of No Reservations ^__^ Here we have Saitou and Aoshi drinking tea together, but after a drink Saitou freaks out, half-collapses, and demands to know what Aoshi just served him. Aoshi explains, but I didn’t bother trying to translate that part because translating bunches of kanji gives me a headache. It looks like he reassures him that it’s not poison, though. Anyway, then he pushes Saitou down and straddles him and licks his chest and stuff, and they talk a little bit. And that’s… -__- the end of that particular story.

I don’t know whether the next part is a follow-up or an entirely different story, but we have Aoshi sitting around on a porch apparently watching a sunset/rise, and Saitou relaxing behind him just inside whatever building it is. Saitou says something that irritates Aoshi, but then they make out. Good jobon them. And that’s the end of the entire dj, except for the usual circle-spazzing at the back.

OK, well. I give this one 6/10. The art is nice, and Saitou’s presence definitely wins some points, but there’s very little actually going on. Someday there will be Saitou/Sano dj’s on ebay again and I will buy those and they will get higher scores than this.

Also yesterday we went to the mall and I found all sorts of useful stuff. It was grand. I have had many good days. And next week we’re going to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s all for now. If I remember one of the many things I’ve forgotten, I may (or may not) come back and edit this to put them right in.