Well, I really have nothing to report other than my excitement at going to Disneyland tomorrow. Yesterday when I came out of work there was a foot of snow on my car, but it’s going to be in the 60’s in Anaheim all week ^__^ I am a little sad about leaving Tokio for four days, but a nice person will take care of her and has promised to tell her stupid things about how cute her nose is in a stupid voice for me.

After this week, vacationing time will be officially over, Mostle will be gone, and I will get back to working on stuff (beyond just HR) diligently. For realsy. And I told Joy she can schedule me as many hours a week as she wants as long as I get Saturdays off. I should probably check the other days I need off too and request them before it becomes inconvenient.

Now I have to decide which manga to take wis me for the plane. It’s most likely that I will want to listen to Amelia and draw through the flights, but one never knows what sort of mood one will be in; I may prefer to read, so I will make sure to have something for that. Probably Wild Adapter.

OK, that’s all. I probably won’t write again until I have returned from Disneyland ^__^