I shall play the one-line game today and see what, if anything, feels like being worked on.
Crimson Coronation – Ooh, an entire paragraph, and one connecting two items, too. That’s a good start! It was kindof terrible of me to skip this story in my update run, but considering the update run still isn’t finished a year later, I’m not going to bother going back to it until next time around.
Godmother – Three lines. This story needs a lot of editing.
Untitled Sean story – One line. Someday this story will want to be worked on and will want a title.
Untitled Six Foretold story – Two paragraphs, though since I’m writing this one in a different way that’s not saying as much as it could be.
The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things – Two lines. God, I love this story.
Touched and Untouchable – One line and some good inspiration that may solve a problem I’ve been anticipating in future chapters.
Faery Hunter, Faery Slave – Two lines. Da ha, the slug-hunting stuff is hilariously fun.
To Change Something Into – One line
Just Like Home – AAAAAAAA SQUEEEE SO CUTE. OMG. Two lines.
Hero, Hero – Two lines
Quiet Pride – One line
Another Source of Light – Two lines; damn sex scene.
Avalanche – Three lines
Stairwell – Oops, I just got distracted and knocked completely out of the mindset. Ah, well. I’ll hit this story and the RK stuff tomorrow. Right now, the Barrens and level 18 are calling me.