I never thought I’d say this, but I really can’t wait until Saitou puts a damn shirt on. Constantly drawing his bare chest and such is getting highly irritating.

OK, I think it’s time for cellphotodump; my phone’s complaining about memory. So here are some low-quality pictures for your enjoyment.

First off, my cat:

Why is she so cute. I took this one today, which is what reminded me of the dwindling space on my cell phone. My camera was actually just as close as my phone, but it takes a while to get it going and I was afraid she would stop playing wis the mouse before I had it ready.

She’s beaning on the little table, in case you can’t tell.

HOLY CRAP why is she so adorable.

Sneeping in a bowl.

Looking up like a sweetsweet baby. Actually she looks a little annoyed here.

Looking up like a sweetsweet bean.

Not looking up, still like a sweetsweet baby.

In the ivy on the window-seat.

And again.

She loves curtains.

And again.

She also likes boxes.

And again.

I think I posted this one already. She is so kind to help us play Scrabble.

Next, some entertaining things from work:

I’ve been meaning to post a picture of the “Packaging With Perfection” boxes for some time. I assure you I’m not the only one that has burst out giggling at the sight of them.

I’m sure I need to explain what this brings to mind. If I see the Duo-Feed and a PWP box wisin a short period of time, that brings even more interesting things to mind.

This is an order form, in case you can’t tell. I bet this guy always signs his last name first. I would.

OK, probably nobody in the world will care about this, but I think it’s freaking adorable.

Did you know that this is what the base of a celery item looks like when you chop the stalks off??????? BEST VEGETABLE EVER. Not only is it incredibly delicious, it’s also the best-looking thing ever. I ate lots of it over Christmas. It hurt, but for the sake of Christmas I did it anyway.

Then my nephew:

Easily as cute as my cat.

And randomness:

It’s a street in my neighborhood, but I’m not sure why I took a picture of it. Probably the clouds looked really cool or something and I was overestimating my cell phone’s powers XD