Yesterday I finally read Howl’s Moving Castle after having owned the book for, like, two years. Supa cute. Mayhap today I shall sally forth to seek the sequels.

Last night I had the funniest dream. My family lived on the second or third floor in some huge, luxurious apartment complex, and Mostle and I were, like, switching rooms or something. During the process of moving furniture and stuff we were engaged in nostalgic contemplation of some old toys — specifically Wish World Kids. We were trying to remember all their names and having a rather difficult time doing so. We noticed suddenly that one of the dolls looked so excessively like Aino Minako that it was actually rather suspicious. I discovered that you could pull the doll’s face off, and found beneath the face of Minako!!! So apparently Kenner had bought a load of Minako dolls and put new faces on them to make this blonde Wish World Kid. Even in the dream we were amused.

The random BSSM references didn’t stop there, though. We were looking out the window next, watching some people down below filming a BSSM fanvideo… but at times it was more like we were watching the finished product than watching them film it (I’m certain this was inspired by Howl’s bedroom window). These people had truly awful costumes that resembled BSSM characters only in one or two minor points and made their whole video look like a satire (which it wasn’t) — for instance, when Usagi transformed, she went from one dress to a much fancier, green-velvet dress and cape XD What was even more hilarious about all this was that our dad, apparently on his way to the parking lot or some other unrelated thing, got dragged into this video and convinced to play the part of a confused normal person marveling at the powers of Sailor Moon. This he did affably and adorably like he does everything. Once again, even in the dream we were amused. When I woke up I was a good deal more amused.