I just took a four-hour bath trying to combat this astonishing headache. The latter mostly went away whilst I was lying down, but I find on getting out that it’s even worse than before — probably because what little effect the pain killers I took earlier had has worn off — but I did manage to read House of Many Ways in the interim.

Supa cute like the last two, but I have to admit that her endings are probably going to start annoying me. The whole everyone-and-everything-turns-out-to-be-secretly-involved-wis-everything-else bit is not too bad, but the exactness of her happily-ever-afters, where everything down the the last detail works out in the main character’s favor and the course of their joyful future life is laid out for many years to come, is a little over the top. Not unbearably so, of course, but I do think I will wait a while before reading any other books by this author. Unless she manages another Howl sequel in the near future :D

Actually, I think she would do better not to, unless it’s actually about them. Howl and Sophie were almost entirely unnecessary in this book, and even in the previous they felt rather like a sideshow… like they’d been dragged in to appease fans… But I’m really not in a fit state for even my own mild form of literary analysis right now, so I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts until another time.

Now I’m not sure what to do. I could go to bed, but I don’t really feel tired… just in horrid pain from the neck up. But sitting up is annoying. Mayhap I will go lie around watching anime or something. Mou.