Well, my headache’s mostly gone, but the general feeling of illness remains slightly. I hope it will be entirely defeated by tomorrow. At any rate, I wasn’t very productive today… I got most of the lineart for one HR page drawn. If we’re lucky, there will be a page this week XD

Mostly I played WoW. Funny thing happened just as I was about to sign out… I couldn’t take a screenshot, since it was an event, so I shall describe it:

A night elf was at the Great Lift. She was being chased and attacked by the two tauren lift guards and two Horde player characters, and she was just coolly ignoring them. She stood at the end of the platform patiently waiting for the lift while these four people hacked away at her; when it came, she stepped on, turned around, and patiently waited for it to descend while they continued to attack. She waved goodbye at them as the lift sank out of sight. It was funny and cute.

Now I shall go to bed.