I still feel not very well today, but compared to the headache it’s positively blissful. For some reason my right wrist and elbow and such are hurting too much to draw, which is what I really need to do if there’s going to be an HR page this week (and also what I feel like doing, dammit), so instead I will try to write some. I may be too dull for it, but we shall see.

I shall look over YWRI and see if that wants to be worked on at all. I’d kinda like to get that done and out of the way… not that that’s likely to happen any time soon, but I would like to. It’s so dumb… I’m not even sure why I bother XD

Well, working on that story is actually coming along fairly well, but a headache is coming back. STUPID HEADACHE. GO AWAY. I will take item.