Well, I just had an interesting experience. Actually, it started last night, if I had but known. Some random person with “salmon” in their name IM’d me with some random statement about being a robot. Assuming, therefore, that it was a robot, I proceeded to make completely meaningless conversation until it started to dawn on me that the responses were less nonsensical and more confused and annoyed… you know… as if it was a real person and not a robot. Especially when she asked me why I had IM’d her in the first place.

Quickly we realized that one or both of us had been hacked in some way. The weirdest part of this imposition was that each of us was showing up under a false name to the other; actually, I suppose that’s more of a kindness on the part of whoever set up the prank — recriminations against a fake persona being rather difficult, after all. Anyway, I’ve upgraded to the latest version of Y!M hoping to prevent this from happening again (though I have no way of knowing which end it started on).

The most interesting part of this interesting experience is that this person to whom I was inadvertently connected seemed very… well, interesting. She gave me a link to her blog to prove she was a real person after I stated my belief that she was a robot, and she seems intelligent and artistically sensitive. And bisexual, which to me is always a point in someone’s favor, whether it should be or not. However, pursuing an acquaintance formed under such circumstances seems… sketchy. Ah, well. Now to watch out for any more oddly-worded salmon-related IM’s.