OK, I am so fucking sick of the bombardment of hatred toward Valentine’s Day that pops up at (predictably) about this time every single stupid year. I grudgingly (and not without some reservations) accept animosity toward the holiday based on a broken heart, but the attitude that says, “I am single and I resent the idea of a holiday based on romantic relationships” drives me up the fucking wall. Sour grapes much? Though that’s not quite as bad as the comparable but much more disturbing attitude, “I feel I am of less worth as a person because I am single, and therefore am depressed at the idea of a holiday based on romantic relationships.”

Valentine’s Day is no worse than any other over-commercialized holiday whose original meaning has been largely forgotten or traditionally overlooked — and better than some, since it provides us wis fiction opportunities and fun World of Warcraft events and produces candy that gets massively discounted immediately after the fact. Seriously, people, get over it.