Yesterday our internet randomly died, and my first thought was, “Oh, I’ll write in my lj.” -__- It didn’t come back up until sometime after I’d gone to bed. Fortunately, Aerkoruyn was in Darnassus when I got disconnected; I’d have been annoyed if he hadn’t been at a rest point.

I’ve been working soOoOo much on this CC chapter… pretty well all the time I’m at home I’m working on it… but for some reason it feels like it’s just creeping along. Still, I really should have it done in the next couple of days, barring unforeseen circumstances.

I finished Amelia again yesterday. It’s funny… by the time I get to about the fifteenth book, I’m always very ready to get done wis the series and move on to something else. Not at all because I’m not enjoying it; but even a series I adore that severely gets a little tiresome after that many books.

However, every time I reach the end of the last book, I find it miserably depressing. Like an actual painful emotion in my mind. Eighteen books is more than enough to consider all the characters dear friends, and saying goodbye to them is just like saying goodbye to real friends knowing you’ll never see them again. And it doesn’t suffice to go back and read earlier books again — I want to know how their lives go on. I want to keep them around just like I’d want to keep real friends around; I don’t want to get cut off all of a sudden and never hear from them again. On the other hand, it would be probably even more painful to watch Amelia and Emerson get old and infirm and die…

So I think what I’m saying is that series should be shorter. Once again, I love every single book in that series… but I think I become too attached to the characters and too accustomed to keeping track of their lives. And, as I mentioned, I get impatient to be done and read something else after a while. In that particular series I can totally understand why it had to extend as far as it did. Cutting it off before Tutankhamon’s tomb would have been inexcusable (no matter how extremely painful it is to watch someone else discover and excavate it XD)… and, honestly, I would welcome other insertions into the timeline a la Guardian of the Horizon wis joy and love… but my final word on the matter has to be that the series is too long in at least one sense.

Incidentally, Peters to Milne is an amusing transition. And taking lines out of context, as I am inclined to do, makes for interesting reading… For a little while, Pooh and The Floating Bear were uncertain as to which of them was meant to be on the top. But after trying one or two different positions, they settled down with The Floating Bear underneath, and Pooh triumphantly astride it paddling vigorously with his feet.

I’ve been thinking it might be fun to draw a picture to accompany every chapter I write. This seems like a pipe dream, but I’m still tempted to try. I always want to draw scenes from stories, but doing it retrospectively is highly unlikely. I might have more success going forward. I think I will look briefly for some models for a picture for this CC chapter. Maybe if I try to be more… scribbly… it will be easier…