Javert has reminded me of Saitou ever since the first time I read the book six or seven years ago, and the whole animosity/obsession-potentially-turning-to-love aspect of the Javert/Valjean relationship has always made me think of Saitou/Sano. I don’t believe that’s the main reason I love that book so much (though my everlasting adoration for dedicated law enforcement is certainly a big part of it), but it’s most probably the reason I like the Javert/Valjean pairing so much (my second favorite being Enjorlas/Grantaire ^__^).

Within the last year or so (after rereading the book twice, actually XD), I finally acquainted myself wis the musical, which has since become my favorite musical (though, like all other musicals, I have never actually seen it performed) — and the somewhat toned-down (read: more hot) Javert of Broadway makes it even easier to pair him off wis Jean. Then Ashe Rhyder had to go draw a Javert/Valjean omake page in Roommates, and I was like *__* and had to go find a nice long fic to read. And then I’ve sortof been mulling over it all *__* ever since.

Now, where this gets weird is when I listen to the Beauty and the Beast Broadway OCR, because Terrence Mann, the same guy that played original cast Javert, played original cast Beast a decade and an injection of extreme spazziness later. And my Javert/Valjean musings tend to take over as I’m listening. No beauty could move me, no goodness improve me, no power on earth, if I can’t love her, he sings. Of course I, with the skill of long years writing non-canon gayness, easily alter the necessary pronouns. No passion could reach me, no lesson could teach me… And I say to myself, “Aaawww!!! Javert, having realized Valjean’s goodness, believes that his own salvation lies in coming to love as he has now come to respect Valjean!!!”

Long ago I should have seen all the things I could have been… And I say, “No, Javert, it’s not too late to change your ways!” I look to myself, despise all the things I see, for I know that she cannot set me free. Let the world be done with me! And I say, “Why do you doubt?? Jean is the lovingest man ever, and will easily forgive you and set you free if you ask him!! Don’t jump in the freaking river, you idiot!!!!!!”

And then the mob song starts and I tend to snap out of it, because I draw the line at finding any parallels between Gaston and Enjorlas XD XD XD