All right, my real entry, finally. In no particular order, here we go.

I’m rereading Harry Potter. I haven’t read any of them since the last book came out, and now I’m going right through. And you know what? I FUCKING LOVE HARRY POTTER. I’m even having fanfiction urges. I actually started writing fic once — I can’t remember which book we were on at that point — but, like most of my non-RK fic, it never got finished (it was some Weasley twins x Draco and Snape and Voldemort comedic nonsense). Eventually I decided to ignore all urges until the series was done so I could have a complete canon to work from. I sincerely doubt, however, that I will ever really write HP fanfiction, not least because the fandom is the biggest Bog of Eternal Stench I’ve ever seen, but I am having ideas this time.

Interestingly, they are all Snape/McGonagall ideas. It started in CoS wis this concept of them becoming allies in disliking Lockhart, and since then almost every scene that features either of them adds onto the vague mythos. It would be an interestingly rocky relationship. Besides those two, though, there’s this overwhelming desire to slash someone. I’m not quite sure what it is, but as I read I just get this feeling of OMFG GAY about everyone and everything. Of course I’ve always loved Sirius/Remus, and this time around (I’m at the Big Explanation scene in PoA at this very moment) I’m liking it even more. And I’m still absolutely delighted that Dumbledore is gay; if you only have something negative to say about that, don’t bother commenting. I love J.K. Rowling forever and ever and ever and ever. Meaningless as that phrase is.

All the Joy has gone out of my work. That is to say, my manager Joy got transferred to another store at two days’ notice. Safeway transfers managers around all the time, so this is fairly normal — and I think the two-days’-notice thing is also pretty typical — but in this case she got sent to a non-Lifestyle store, which means about a $1.50/hour paycut. She was taking it badly; the day she got the news she was trying not to cry the entire time. I went and got her some chocolate — went to Dillard’s for some Godiva since I kinda wanted it to be chocolate one can’t buy at a Safeway store — and then was going to give it to her the next day, which was her last at our store. That day, as I pulled into the parking lot, I got a text from her saying, “It was nice working with you. I left early today. Bye!” I was like -__- She’ll be in on Friday since this week’s paycheck at least is still coming to our store, so I can give it to her then… but, seriously, what timing.

The manager that’s been transferred in to my deli is called Kristin and she seems nice. Joy warned me that she’s very strict about rules… which is fine wis me, except that she’ll probably make me take my earrings out. So far I’ve worked two days wis her and she hasn’t said anything about them, but we’ll see. During those two days she’s spent a lot of time looking around in a sort of daze like she’s just entered a war zone and it’s her job to set up a new government. I always thought our deli was fine, but maybe I was wrong XD

There is some kind of sore spot in my ear, and I’m not sure what caused it. The location is terribly inconvenient, though, since all my headphones are the leetle go-inside-your-ear kind, and I’m sure they only aggravate the sore spot… by which I mean keep it from healing in addition to making it more painful. Of course headphones are essential for the first few hours of each work day, but they’ve also become essential at home since my speakers broke. Did I tell about that? So freaking annoying. My very nice Bose speakers were not having any problems whatsoever until one of them fell off the table. After I put it back up, the other speaker (the one that didn’t fall) stopped working entirely, and the one that did fall started crackling and popping badly. So I listen to most computer stuff via headphones now. *browses Amazon for new speakers* OK, well, I still can’t really afford new speakers right now. So my ear needs to heal.

As for productivity of late. There should actually be two HR pages this week; good jobon me. ASZz chapter cooperated nicely for a while and then refused to proceed, but I did get a picture done for it :D Over the last few days The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things has been behaving itself rather well, and gives every indication of continuing to do so. Today is a day for working on HR, which I shall get to as soon as I am finished wis this entry.

In Azeroth (because you know how crucial it is to update about that; in years to come I will be looking desperately back through my journal trying to find the very important date when my orc reached level 30), Kokkuja is still about ten gold away from learning to ride the wolf she bought, and Aerkoruyn got, like, ten new badass spells the other day that I’m terribly excited to try out today. Also he wasted, like, an hour running around killing stuff looking for wool to make into bandages because his First Aid was 147/150 and I wanted him to learn Silk Bandage before I went to bed. Damn those linen-loving furbolgs.

I theeeenk that’s all. Actually I assume it’s not, but it’s all I can remember that I’ve neglected to post about for now. So, to HR.