Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with (uh… it’s probably a good idea to specifically tell me you want them, if you want them, or else I’ll assume you’re just commenting on my awesome pictures). Then post this in your journal and elaborate on the subjects given. sadlygrove has given me these five. Ooh, I think I’ll dig up photos and stuff from old entries to elaborate on these ones. That will be awesome. Some of them are not work-safe. I have so much random crap uploaded XD XD XD

1. Saisa

Hmm, gee, you really associate this wis me, do you? Well, they are still my favorite thing in the whole world. It is tragic on me how dead the pairing is these days. Ask FarStrider; she has to put up wis my rants about it twice a week or so. I should work on ASZz today. After I finish my HR page, of course. Currently I have 76 Saitou/Sano fics on my site and 31 more that nobody (except FarStrider) has ever heard of in progress on my hard drive.

2. Gundam Wing

While I’m not really sure why anyone would think of GW in connection wis me (or vise versa), it is a show that I like. Everyone has so much hair, and it’s hard to resist pairing people off based entirely on whose hair looks best together. Or other superficial characteristics such as who can pose best next to each other wearing elaborately gay uniforms, or whose psychoses during their turns at Wing Zero complement each other best. I happen to be listening to the soundtracks right now, and the last time I did that I wrote a fic. Hmmm….

3. teh Snow

I live in Colorado Springs, the Best City Ever, and it does sometimes snow here. Aaaaand I love it. We haven’t had all that much snow this winter; it prefers to save it all for when I have to walk farther to get to work. I remember once when I had to call off because of the snow (read: I didn’t feel like walking a mile at 2AM through a foot and a half of it). We had an Event That Gets Capitalized back in ’97, and that’s pretty cool to be able to tell about. Not so cool was the fact that people died.

4. Kitties – WOT YOU MEAN THIS KITTY??????

Once upon a time some years ago on a freezing December night, I heard a plaintive meowing outside. I went to look, and saw the scrawniest cat ever running from one door to the next to the next begging for someone to let her in. I called to her and she came quickly into my apartment, and she has been my sweetsweet baybee ever since ^__^ Her name is Tokio and she is my favorite ^__^


Yeah, I do write some of that, don’t I? On my site I currently have 94 Rurouni Kenshin stories, 5 Quest for Glory stories, 2 Shaman King stories, and one each for Gundam Wing and Firefly. God, what kind of party do I need to have when I hit 100 RK fics? I should do another page count; too bad that’s the biggest pain in the ass. Anyway, yeah, I like fanfiction. It allows for certain literary devices that are difficult in other genres. Also, people online sometimes read fanfiction, whereas they don’t read original stuff.