Yesterday and today I am scheduled at 5. Yesterday it went OK, though I never got chicken salad made, but it’s a crunch. 4 is really the latest I think I should ever come in. Hopefully there won’t be too many samiches to make today. Incidentally, the hammer fell yesterday… Kristin told me I’d have to take my earrings out -__-

After work yesterday I wrote some ASZz and some Worst Possible, but mostly ran all around Azeroth wis my uncle. I fail at the social aspect of WoW, which is fine wis me. I don’t usually quest wis people since it forces me to pay too much attention to the game and not enough to whatever else I’m doing, but I agreed to hang out wis him because he was going to run me through Scarlet Monastery. We actually never got there before I had to sign off, though, and I was a little annoyed. But he did give me money to buy a mount and learn to ride, so whatever. I just hope he won’t want to make a habit of this random wandering; I have slow-paced, inattentive playing on my own to do.

Oh, I finally got tired of my tagboard being down and got a new one through a new service. I’ve missed Eden :D

There, I’ve taken my earrings out -__- Time to go to work