My HR pages are well on their way to being done, and I shall finish them tomorrow. Chapter of The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things is also almost done, and I may finish that tomorrow too; we shall see. I’ve been somewhat distracted today, so, though I got some good drawing done, I’ve been less productive than I could have been.

One of the things that distracted me was my brother. He informed me that he’d been prank-texting some guy pretending to be a girl named Amanda asking him to MORP. Only then the guy called, and L realized he’d have to answer because his voicemail would identify him. So I hear him in the next room talking in this ridiculous falsetto, and I wish I could have heard the whole conversation. Then, apparently, the guy’s friend called my brother also, and this time L answered in some deep voice pretending to be some guy named Sean or something. Then he changed his voicemail message so it’s “Amanda” instead of him; he sounds uncannily like me when he’s being recorded pretending to be a girl. It was soOoOo funny.

My back hurts unusually much today. Time for bed.