My family and I were going to visit this floating city where apparently my grandma lived. I guess every time we went there, so as not to burden my grandma wis all six of us as guests, we stayed in a hotel or something… and this time we’d managed to find one really cheap. It was in some district of the city that was run by some guy that always made his guests watch slide shows of his little son, and we thought this was a small price to pay for really cheap luxury hotel rooms.

Shortly after arriving and setting up, some emissary of the dude showed up to start us watching the slide show. It was an extremely detailed slide show including various pictures of the kid’s day-to-day life. During this, a friend of mine that lived in the floating city came to visit. Quietly she explained to me that this dude that ran this district was a demon and the head of a large criminal organization (though he looked like Rufus Scrimgeour), and that she had to fight him.

We went to where he was having a classy party (which, in accordance wis dream-convenience, was just outside my family’s hotel rooms) and looked at him. Just when we arrived the city was tilting so much in the wind that I could see the lower levels and the endless expanse of sky and distant ground below, and it was a little freaky. Naturally everyone that lived there was used to this, had their floating-city-legs, and didn’t even really seem to notice. Anyway, I saw that yakuza demon dude was a level 55 elite, which was a problem. I, of course, was only level 40, so there was no chance of my being all that much help against him. My friend was a mage of some sort, though, maybe a paladin, and though I didn’t notice what level she was I thought she had a fairly good chance of at least keeping the aggro on her. So I was planning, when the fight started, to join in wis my giant axe and do what I could.

But before the fight there was a more or less civil debate of sorts, centering around whatever yakuza demon dude had done to make my friend so angry. While this was going on, I was reflecting that some other good friends of mine that lived in the floating city, Howl and Sophie, were high-level and experienced dealing wis demons and could quite possibly help. Also I popped back in to check on my family and the slide show, which was now showing differently-angled shots of the kid’s various report cards.

When the debate was ending, I was all ready to pull out my axe and start hacking away at yakuza demon dude, but apparently (I hadn’t been paying attention) the debate had annoyed him so much he was leaving the party, and I guess placated my friend somewhat? So she wasn’t attacking? I really should have paid attention. Anyway, as yakuza demon dude stormed past me, he said something to me, but the party in the aftermath of the tense debate was so loud I couldn’t quite hear him. Others seemed to have heard him, though, for they all fell silent and stared at me in horror. I managed to get from them that yakuza demon dude had seen me standing there through large parts of the debate and had taken an interest in me, which he had just expressed. Some sort of sexual interest, I mean. Evidently this was very bad news for me. What-yakuza-demon-dude-wants-yakuza-demon-dude-gets sort of bad news.

Now I definitely needed to go see Howl and Sophie. They’d moved to the city, incidentally, so that Howl could take up a teaching position at the city’s school of witchcraft and wizardry, and it always amused me thinking what an irascible teacher he must make. Anyway, reassuring my mage friend that I had other friends that could handle the situation, I ran off toward where I knew they lived. On the way I met my grandma, who was, of course, coming to see the family. She had grown her hair out all long, and it looked super cool, which fact I had to stop and tell her. She said that one would need a hair detector to locate mine, and we had a good laugh. I was just letting her know that I was on my way to see some friends on an important matter… when I woke up. Mou.