So I’ve filled up my Rome notebook that I got from HBO back when I used to work for DirecTV, and now I need a new notebook. I found a really old one from when I used to go to UCCS, and, just because it’s nostalgic on me, I’m going to note here what’s written in it from back in the day.

A full-page picture of some girl that was sitting near me. I drew even worse back then XD

The opening scene from ASZz chapter 20 — holy crap, was that really that long ago? I mean, I know I wrote bits of chapters 17-21 well in advance, but seriously…

The lyrics to the Police’s On Any Other Day. Obviously that was before I really knew much about the internet, if I was transcribing lyric by hand XD

More ASZz chapter 20

The beginning of a summary of some Star Wars novel. Once upon a time I had the ambitious plan of summarizing and reviewing all of them for a website.

More ASZz chapter 20

Summary of a sci-fi/fantasy story I was planning to write

More ASZz chapter 20

Some actual writing of aforementioned sci-fi/fantasy story; it never went anywhere, though lately I have thought it might make a good AGS game.

More ASZz chapter 20

Some WPWoDT that we haven’t even gotten to yet on a page headed “Elizabeth Bennet” wis “Princess Peoples” written down the side

“OK. I want to go up the stairs and go down the stairs.” Beneath this, YWRI rewrite stuff. I must have used this notebook more recently than any college class.

Holy crap, a poem. Do I have this typed up anywhere? I could have lost this. What about the fonger. I suppose I’ll type it here, though I usually don’t put poetry online.

Beautiful things, angel wings, but highly overrated,
For what is thought divine by one is by another hated.
Though I may join the seraphim in heaven when I’m dead,
For now I’ll skip the halo and remain myself instead.

Now I have no idea where to put that. I keep my poetry organized by the year in which I wrote it, but I really have no clue whatsoever when that one was. Mou.

Anyway, next we have some bits of No Reservations

Bits of my Saitou/Soujirou story that nobody knows about yet

Bits of TPoI

Sketches and floorplans of the New Lowlands Inn; someday I really will do something wis that one.

Some really horrifying pseudo-anime-style picture of a girl

More ASZz chapter 20

Good heavens, is this some actual schoolwork?? It is! It’s an essay for that crappy English class! OMFG!

Summary of a QfG fic that never happened but that was going to be really cool

More ASZz chapter 20; I seem to have filled in all available space where anything else left off wis this XD

Some Godmother

A picture of a somewhat cute angel-devil, though what her arms are up to I’m really not sure

More Godmother, interrupted at one point by some anime-style eyes wis curly lashes

Oh, this is from Screwed; how fun ^__^

Um, a translation of Moonlight Densetsu XD

More Screwed

A very complete transcript of a BSSM SuperS episode

Oh em eff ji again, it’s some more actual notes! Again from that shitty English class.

The earliest version of Meteorite (Coffee Table Revisited)

More Screwed

The BSSM episode continues

This page begins wis the following: “As my class ‘discusses’ grammar, I am reminded very much of the ‘witch’ argument of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. ‘Why do witches burn?'” (Then, twenty lines down the page) “‘Because they’re… made of wood?'” This is in pen, and I evidently came back later and filled in the blank spaces, in pencil, wis more Screwed; interesting juxtaposition XD

Something about Dinarzaad; I don’t even have any recollection of where I was going wis this one.

More Screwed

More BSSM summary

More Screwed

At first I thought this page was real notes, given that it starts out wis “1. Industry 2. Capital 3. Merrymaking,” but I realized by the time I got to the bottom of the page that it’s about the galaxy M and I were setting up for our own set of sailor senshi XD

And then more Screwed

Aaaaaaand more BSSM summary, one page of which in another color pen from the rest randomly reads “Red Yellow Green Purple Red Yellow Green”

An early draft of Come the Sun

An early draft of a love song(?) I once wrote, followed by the quotation, “I could have a baby!” and an address

Some type of really emo poetic rambling that I was obviously not emo enough to finish, and then another bit of poetry that, as I recall, made it into PohP

And, speaking of which, some PohP; I had switched to my awesome Spider-Man pens at this point. They had very recognizable ink.

More of that love song I mentioned before and another address. Why did I have so many addresses written down in this thing? I haven’t even mentioned half of them.

More Screwed

A list of QfG characters organized by game; the check-marks beside some of them make me think this was a checklist for drawing them all in anime style — a project that definitely never got finished XD On this page floating off to the side is an awesome quotation that’s evidently supposed to be from Sano to Saitou that I’m going to go type into my “random Saitou/Sano moments” file for future use.

PohP; this part is actually from the infodump at the beginning of chapter 10, making it very old indeed.

More Screwed; the story is almost over, so there can’t be many more random interjections of this XD

A later part of PohP chapter 10

Another address, followed by the beginning of Just That Bored

And even more BSSM summary; eventually the pen changes to blue, doubtless because I used up the red one on the eighteen million preceding pages of summary.

A cleaner version of Screwed. And by that I mean a more neatly-written version, since in every other sense the story is about as dirty as it gets.

Stuff from the first chapter of WaA

Bits of YWRI rewrite accompanied by some more addresses

And some of WC

More of Just That Bored

Oh! This page says “A. House” at the top! That answers my every question: I must have used this while I was working at Virgin Mobile, since A. House was a coworker of mine there. That explains why some of the stuff in here is so much more recent than any college class! Mystery solved ^__^ A. House. Heh.

The story of Ammon and the king’s sheeps. So random.

More work on Come the Sun

A picture of some long-haired dude in ripped clothing holding up a sword almost He-Man style

And here we have stuff from ASZz chapter twelve. It’s odd that as I go further into the notebook I’m moving farther back in time rather than forward.

The very beginning of WPWoDT

A picture of Esmerelda from Disney’s crap version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, accompanied by the text, “This is Ezzy. She does NOT belong to the stupidest class of all time, a class where she would be ‘learning’ ‘English’ to the point where she would want to blow up the building.” As you can tell, I really didn’t like that class much.

More WPWoDT chapter 1, some of it interrupted by the words “Pride of her Parents” written in a really cool-looking sort of pseudo-Arabian lettering.

First draft of Summer Musings on Personification, followed immediately by B-Rainstorm and A Tiresome Journey


A little story snippet that I believe I wrote for the crappy English class about a Mustang. I think the assignment was to come up wis an assessment of someone’s character based on a car they presumably drove? And he handed out pictures of the cars? I don’t quite remember. Honestly I’d rather not remember.

TPoI stuff

The beginning of an essay sort of story I wrote for fun about Zebulon Pike and human aspiration

More TPoI

A neatly-written (and therefore probably the final draft of) A Meaningful Poem; I remember very specifically writing that one in that horrid English class.

More TPoI

The next page says, first in my usual illegible writing and then more neatly, “Today we held a discussion on grammar that was so pedestrian as to quite stuff my head with wistful images, almost painful, of the many varied pieces of literature, certainly to the better enlightenment of my mind than this elementary class, with the money I spent so hopefully, innocently, on tuition and textbooks.” Yeah, I’m one to talk…

More WPWoDT and another address

More TPoI

The next page is mostly ripped, and all it says is, “The difference between the religious and the non-religious, when it comes to science, is that when they reach an impasse where they can learn no more, one feels faith and the other only frustration.” Heh.

Under the heading “Stalker Jennifer Rodriguez,” more TPoI

Oh! I just realized what the addresses must be! If I was using this for work at VM, I would have been jotting stuff down in it when I didn’t have a chance to get over to the correct window to type it. Duuuhhhhh.

WaA stuff

Early draft of Bright Betrayal

A very short bit of One Nightfall

Ooh, some actual notes. I see the self-perception theory, definitions of behavior, intrinsic motivation, some stuff about experiments wis childs drawing, and more interesting item. Win!

More One Nightfall, interrupted by a page I apparently used to paint my nails on

And more motivational psychology notes. I used to write funny things teachers said at the top of the page in quotes so I could tell my mom about it later. These pages say, “You’re not going to eat the chair,” and “focus on the penis.” Not that I would have actually told my mom the latter XD

Bit of a nicely-alliterating poem I never finished

More One Nightfall

Early draft of On the Marriage of Day and Night

More One Nightfall, now actually interspersed wis lines of On the Marriage of Day and Night; it’s like they’re fighting XD

More psychology notes

A somewhat messier rewrite (or perhaps the earlier one was actually the rewrite?) of that unfinished poem

More One Nightfall

Psychology notes and Chou/Sano on the same page! Awesome!

One Nightfall goes on for a while and then turns into WC and then the beginnings of Defense

Then there are some notes about incentives from when I was a manager at McDonald’s, three lines of MnI, and that’s the end.

OK, turns out there is not actually any blank space left in this notebook for me to use, but I did achieve my goal of amusing myself (and can throw the freaking thing away), so it was time well spent. But what have we here? Another notebook?? Let’s see what’s in this one.

Oh, gee, it starts out wis BSSM transcript. I am so surprised.

Early draft of Amas, Ergo Sum

The beginning of an account of somebody ordering food at McDonald’s that cuts off before it gets even remotely interesting

Sketch of what appears to be a sailor senshi wis a not-too-bad-looking hand

Notes of things to bring up in a McDonald’s manager meeting

The dust jacket of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; this is, obviously, not a page of the notebook, but also not something I at all expected to find in here XD

An account of the baby bat we found on the wall at McDonald’s once

The beginning of a story about a dollar bill

A really, really cute picture obviously drawn by my sister of a really cute faery standing on a mushroom hugging an ant

A list of Japanese tongue twisters

Some of (Up)Turning the Tables

The beginning of some random story about people that rode giant swan-dragon-items

Oh, there’s plenty of blank pages in this one. Good jobon that.

PohP stuff… chapter 11, I believe, accompanied by a picture of a… glaive? Axe? I can’t really tell.

“Well, here is your first letter from me. This first part I am writing Tuesday evening, when I have actually seen you today. Call me a baby, but I miss you already; odd, because I’ve already seen you more this week than any other week since you quit. I wrote a sad sort of poem and worked on my website, and so I sort of feel better.” It ends there, and obviously was never delivered to its recipient. The latter can only have been Mike, since I’m fairly certain I never said anything that sappy to anyone else I ever dated (except Justin XD)

The beginning of some story about a bounty hunter that was studying to be a Jedi at Luke’s Wuss Academy

Notes for that story-like essay thing I mentioned in the other notebook

Rough draft of an essay for that crappy English class

“As I sat writing an essay, an ugly beetle approached me. I looked at him intently and said, ‘You are not the subject of my essay.’ Not seeming to hear or understand, he proceeded moving towards me. Undesirous of his company, I flicked him away. He landed with a clatter on his back across the next flagstone. After flailing amusingly for a moment to regain his nasty feet, he thrust his back end in the air. How often do we look at the approaching beetle, tell him that he is not the subject of our essay, flick him away, and find that in so doing we have made him the topic of another essay?” I think, though I’m not sure why, that this was going to be an essay.

Bits of (Up)Turning the Tables

The beginning of another poem I never finished

Early draft of Pain; this may have been the “sad sort of poem” I mentioned in the aborted letter, but then again it might not. I haven’t written all that many “sad sort of poem”‘s, though XD

The beginnings of This Summer, Every Summer

Most of Questforglorification Meeps, interrupted in the middle by the Weirdest Picture Ever

In the middle of several blank pages, a very nice-looking body shape of a woman wis no head and a bunch of scribbly lines for one hand

Psychology notes; I think these were for Social Psychology

More TS,ES

Early bits of Capital Sympathy

A somewhat cool pen picture of a Kenshin-looking fantasy dude holding a sword

More TS,ES

Looks like I wanted to write out Amas, Ergo Sum neatly, but stalled after the first line; the rest of the page is more TS,ES.

OK, so that notebook will be useful on me, since it’s only about half full. Now I will make use of it to work on WaA. Vera nice.