Sankyuu very much to those that replied to my previous post. I am feeling much less horrid today.

At the moment I’m cleaning up my room, and going through the foot-deep pile of junk on my computer table I’ve come across these doujinshi I bought back in December! Yay! I will report on one more of them now. This one is called ????.

Covers features Saitou smirking, Aoshi looking… implacable… and Kenshin looking confused and a little taken aback. Splash page features Saitou gazing somewhat dreamily and predatorily at Aoshi, and Aoshi (who is smoking *__*) looking back a little warily.

Story begins in a building of some sort. It doesn’t look like the Aoiya, but it’s a similarly-shaped building. Inside, Saitou is sitting around smoking talking to Aoshi, who is standing up and apparently not enjoying the conversation much. Aoshi is holding what looks like an old, dirty book, which he won’t let Saitou grab from him. Oh, they’re drinking sake too. Something Aoshi says makes Saitou really annoyed, so Aoshi (who has by now taken a seat) gets a chance to smirk briefly. Then they keep talking relatively calmly for a while, until eventually Saitou comes over and pushes Aoshi down and gets on top of him. There is making out and neck-kissing, and a nice shot of open-shirt Aoshi, but all that we really get to see is some more conversation and hugging. Mou.

One-page scene: Aoshi, now in a yukata, is standing on Saitou’s back, which Saitou is rather enjoying.

Next story: Aoshi is holding a little ball. He looks at it, thinks about it, looks around, and then crushes it in his hand. Kenshin appears, and so does Kaoru, and there is some sort of embarrassing conversation. Are they inviting Aoshi to stay at the dojo? I think they are, because next Kenshin is shown preparing a futon for Aoshi and enthusiastically volunteering to sneep next to him XD Aoshi pulls the tie off his yukata, which shocks Kenshin and makes him blush, but it turns out he only wanted to tie Kenshin up wis the tie — away from the bed — so he could go to sneep on his own XD But as he’s lying there and Kenshin is sitting annoyed tied up, they have a conversation in which Saitou is mentioned that makes Kenshin laugh actually somewhat evilly. Aoshi is not entirely pleased wis whatever Kenshin is saying, and Kenshin flops his tied-up self around and manages to worm his way into the bed. Aoshi is like -__-

Next thing we see is fully-dressed Kenshin and Aoshi, and I guess Aoshi’s leaving. Misao’s there for some reason, and Kenshin is being waaay too cheerful. Misao looks determined, Megumi pops up with some little packet of something looking really evil XD, and then there’s this random picture of Hiko drinking at the bottom of the page.

Finally, at the end, there’s a really teasy Saitou x Aoshi sex scene that barely shows anything. Afterwards, Saitou enjoys a cigarette, and Aoshi asks for one. Saitou gives it to him and, once Aoshi’s put it in his mouth, pulls his head over to light it off his. It’s implausible but extremely cute.

So I give this dj a 6 out of 10, and it would have been a 4 if not for that last bit XD Nice art, not terribly interesting visual story.