Out of nowhere yesterday I got so sick to my stomach I had to leave work early. I felt bad abandoning Eddie at eight in the morning, but I was throwing up in trash cans and my hands were shaking. It’s been a cold-like thing for several days, and it seems to have gone back to that now… but yesterday sucked. I ended up sleeping (or at least lying around) most of the day, though I did watch the latest HP movie again. I like the middle of it. The beginning and end are dull, and I thought almost all the performances were kinda bad, even people that should really know better like Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson. The upcoming one will probably suck like most of them have.

Then I was up fairly late because of my long naps. Rather annoyed that the one time I’m actually awake at 2000 on a Monday, Heroes is a rerun. So I played bunches of WoW and leveled Aerkoruyn twice. Then I dreamed that I was wandering around Azeroth and ran into this masked cult comprised of female night elves, and when I started hitting on the high priestess she told me she was too old for me (which, wis night elves, is something of an inevitability).

So anyway, I’m off today, and feeling pretty well OK, so productivity can ensue. HR, then WaA. I will probably do cleaning things such as emptying the trash and changing cat’s litter tomorrow. Oh, and speaking of Harry Potter, I have a fairly concrete idea for a fic at this point, but the impetus actually to write it has somewhat died with Sirius. Still, we’ll see.