So today we’re spending the “day” in Denver. Or we will be (spending the whole day in Denver) if we ever leave. This is one of those outings that gets me disproportionately excited, making it impossible to focus on writing. I read up on the history of night elves and blood elves and Cenarius and drawed a vera nice peecture, and that’s all well and good, but I’m really restless. I would play WoW, but the servers are all down for maintenance at the moment.

Incidentally, I haven’t eaten anything today. I thought we would be leaving a little earlier than we… haven’t actually left yet… We’re going to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, since none of us have ever been there and we’re all immensely curious since we’ve all seen the shirts forever. I’m staaaarving. I’m going to draw HR on the drive. If we ever leave.

Still sick and getting better vera slowly. I really hate this type of sick that hangs around for weeks and creeps slowly and indecisively away.

WaA has been fairly cooperative recently, but more than that has been a new Saitou/Sano story that might actually end up being chaptered rather than a one-shot. It has been pouring out in a strong linear fashion and shows no signs of stopping just yet.

Oh, my brother reports that we might be leaving shortly. Wot.