Denver was gramd srab, and we spent a satisfying amount of time there despite my bitching XD Hard Rock Cafe was even cooler than I expected, and Lacuna Coil is going to be there tomorrow *__* I got a sweatshirt there because everything was cooler than I expected (half the sweatshirts I own were bought for this reason), but it was OK not only because I was already planning on buying a shirt there (I think you’re required to by law) but also because it’s the Greatest Sweatshirt Ever.

At a store at the mall I found a really pretty ring. Generally I don’t wear rings, but this one was soOoOoOo pretty I got it anyway. It kinda looks like a spider, so I decided it’s my Spider Sigil and gives me power over spiders.

We went to the aquarium, which, as everyone knows, I loooooooove. I saw things even more awesome than usual, SUCH AS a duck that kept spastically diving down and attacking the fishies beneath. ALSO, did you know that tigers like whipped cream????? The girl put the tigers away and went all through their enclosure spraying whipped cream in places; then she went away and put them back in, and they ran around frantically just like kids on an Easter egg hunt finding and licking up all the whipped cream. It was so unexpected and SO cute. Oh, did I mention we have tigers in our aquarium for some reason? Yeah. Some kids next to me were all like, “That one’s a girl and that one’s a boy. And that other one’s a girl too.” And I was like, uh, giant tiger balls swinging around on all three of them…

Then last night I dreamed that eighteen people commented on that picture I drew yesterday XD

Today I got my HR pages laid out wis dialogue, but had only started putting color in when Tokio came and stretched out across my tablet the way she’s been doing lately so I could not continue drawing. I worked on my latest new Saitou/Sano story instead (the enthusiastic one) and leveled Brynariath 3 times. Have I mentioned Bryn? She’s my new night elf hunter. She’s so hot. She has one spider.

Now I must go to bed since I work at 5 in the morning.