So apparently both Thursday and yesterday the assistant manager just didn’t show up to work. That meant that yesterday, only two of us worked at all the entire day… which meant I ended up working a full eight-hour shift as the only person in the deli XD It would have sucked if we’d been busy — and I was rather tired by the end of it, what wis no breaks and all — but we were soOoOo slow for the first half that I actually just stood around writing in a notebook for four hours. It got a little busier for the latter half, and of course at that point I also had pre-closing and closing stuff to do, but it never got really busy. So overall it wasn’t bad. Oh, and we eventually heard from Eddie today (he didn’t show up again today, but I guess he called) saying he’s in the hospital for something or other.

Today I was going to type out the stuff I’d written then and work on various stories, but then I remembered the cliffhangulous spot I’d left off in HPatDH the other day and simply had to finish rereading that one. Ah, what raging love I have in my heart for Harry Potter. Love love love love love love love love love love love love love. So I haven’t done any writing today XD But I did draw some; this art exchange picture is turning out so insanely detailed I’m really glad I started it right away instead of putting it off; it may take the rest of my life to complete.

So now I have a huge headache from crying over Deathly Hallows — I always cry the entire way through that book, pretty well — so I believe I will take a shower and then probably go to bed.