I’m not sure what-all I’ve done today. I worked on HR a little, and I worked some on the peecture I am drawing for the guest room, and I organdized some music, and was that all?

The other day I got my King’s Quest collection in the mail. It replaced the one I had for so many years that I loaned to someone and never got back… and was more successful than the one I ordered six months ago, accidentally had sent to the wrong address, and never managed to get my hands on. So I have been playing those for the last couple of days. You know for all the times I’ve been through all of these games, I’d never played 5 wis the voices? God, I thought Cedric was retarded in text… Anyway, Lester and I had a KQ party today wis pizza ^__^ He played all the way through 5 and we made fun of Cedric and how the narrator seems to have a crush on Graham and keeps gratuitously mentioning the fact that he “bends over” to do this and that. And L kept walking Graham off cliffs because his death scream was really amusing. At one point the game froze and the scream kept looping forever, and we were just rolling. Another day he will play 6.

Now I must go to bed.