Well, I went to bed almost an hour and a half ago, but I’m still awake. This is not exactly novel, but this time, since my MP3 player got to the end of its playlist whilst I was lying around, I figured I’d get up and refill it before continuing to attempt to sneep. So while I am waiting for 8GB of MP3’s to transfer, I am making the journal entry I hadn’t intended to type out until tomorrow.

You know, I’d just gotten to the point where I was sleeping fairly normally. Where I wasn’t exhausted all the freaking time, where it didn’t take me hours and hours to fall asleep even after taking pills. I’d just started to feel somewhat healthy in regards to sleep when stupid new manager starts scheduling me all over the fucking place, so that I’m going to bed at 1800 on some days and midnight on others. It makes me want to cry.

Anyway, today. My mother has been re-doing the guest room lately, as I may have mentioned, and she’s always calling me upstairs to ask my opinion on this and that and the other thing, and having me accompany her to fabric stores and the like. This isn’t bad, just very disruptive. Today I got maybe half a page written before we went and spent the morning shopping. We learned that the Hobby Lobby on Platte and the Hobby Lobby on Uintah are both gone. We ended up at an art supply store looking for the items she’d intended to purchase at HL, and at this store I found the most wondrous colored pencils ever *__* They are made of so much love *__* I made an experimental drawing wis them and they are made of so much love *__*

So the guest room is mostly finished now, since she did the last actual work today and all that’s left is to install a few things that will be delivered during the rest of the week. One of these things is a print of the peecture I drawed to go up in there, and that is terribly exciting on me. Then we have a world full of relatives coming at the end of the week, which is the reason for the rush on both the guest room and the downstairs bathroom.

I hate having to shower in the upstairs bathroom whilst the down is out of commission. It gets cold really quickly (though I suppose I should take into consideration the preferred length of my showers), and the drain is slow so the bathtub partially fills up. On the upside, there is a soap in there that says “shine” on the label, and every time I glance at it I think it says “??.” It is the special death soap.

Yeah, I think I’m going to be rather tired when I get up for work in six hours. Oh, I should mention the hilarious joke I played on myself the other day. Since I’m allergic to caffeine, and since I already have enough trouble getting to sneep on time wisout it, I tend to use it only when I’m very tired in the early mornings. And I bitch about the lack of decent caffeine-free carbonated drinks at restaurants and such. I keep some Diet Dr. Pepper around so that on mornings when I’m really exhausted (as I will be tomorrow) I can take one wis me to work to keep me on my feet. So the other day I bought a 12-pack because my previous 12-pack was depleted, and stuck it in the tower of 12-packs next to the fridge as I always do. Then the other day as I was headed for work, I opened the box and grabbed one… and it was then that I noticed that somehow I’d managed to purchase Diet Caffeine-Free Dr. Pepper. I didn’t even know my store carried such a thing. So, yay, now I can drink some Dr. Pepper whenever the hell I feel like it… but it didn’t really help me that morning. Nor, since I’ve neglected to purchase any caffeinated version since then, will it help me tomorrow morning. I think this is ironic because of how often I’ve bitched about caffeine and blah blah; it’s not really all that interesting, but I’m still waiting for my files to transfer onto this card so I needed something to write about. And I’ve made myself thirsty. I suppose I will end this stupid entry and go find something to drink.