Rereading The Phantom of the Opera, I’m struck (as I believe I am every time) wis what an absolute sweetheart Christine is. Her characterization is subtle, but it’s there; she really is a remarkably good person. I’ve always thought Weber’s adaptation a decent one, but it’s a shame his portrayal of Christine is so vapid. He doesn’t really have time for the type of examples of kindness Leroux uses in the book to flesh out Christine.

I’ve always pondered vaguely how someone could make a fully accurate adaptation of the entire book… most specifically the absurd torture chamber… and I realized last night that if one were to handle it abstractly and concentrate more on the madness it induced in its victims than the physicality of the scene, it could work. It might be fun to have the mirrors gradually fade into a real forest scene until Raoul fires his pistol at the “lion” and shatters a mirror, at which point the mirrors would snap back into place all of a sudden. And in the background as they die of thirst have Erik singing (the siren song?) and perhaps Christine screaming, only fading in and out weirdly. That’s my thought of how to film that scene, anyway.